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Why too Much Homework is Bad for Students

Why Homework is Bad for Students

Everything has its good and bad side; this includes homework. Even though assignments are meant to help students grasp concepts, it can be bad for them too. Not to say that teachers should stop giving students assignments.

Too much of anything is harmful, and too much homework puts students under pressure. As you know, no one works well under pressure. A student cannot excel if all they’re thinking about is how much assignment they still haven’t finished.

Teachers should be very strategic and professional when it comes to issuing out homework. It should not be a punishment, but rather a way to help students improve their performance. If the duration provided to complete an assignment is not sufficient, the students are likely to rush through their tasks. In the end, these students gain nothing because their main focus was submitting their papers on time.

Objectivity is an essential skill for all educators so that they don’t lose track of their kids’ performance. Teachers also need to understand that each student has unique academic needs. The assignments should help highlight students’ weak areas; this way, teachers can figure out how to help each and every student.

Here are the reasons why too much homework is bad for students.

  1. It can Cause Stress and Anxiety
  2. Many students, regardless of their academic level, suffer through stress and anxiety. Most of them don’t even know that they’re stressed or anxious. For many schools, students just assume that that is how learning should feel like.

    The main cause of stress and anxiety in school-going kids is homework. When the workload is too much, even the brain lacks the capacity to cope. Instead of overloading students with assignments, teachers should give just enough to encourage them to study.

  3. Robs Students of their Personal Life
  4. Teachers and students should understand that school is not all about academic excellence. Students also need time to interact socially with their friends and take care of their personal needs.

    If a student spends all their time working on assignments, they’re bound to crash at some point. Students require a balance when it comes to their personal, social, and academic life. Teachers can help students achieve this balance by moderating the amount of homework they give out.

  5. Too Much Homework is Counterproductive
  6. Too much homework will, no doubt, have a negative impact on a person’s academic performance. The stress and pressure of completing homework on time is so overwhelming that students won’t get the energy to actually study.

    Teachers should moderate the amount of homework they give to students, so they have time to focus on revising. As you know, doing assignments is not the same as studying for an exam. Students should also take advantage of writing help providers who offer cheap services.


Even though homework should not be completely phased out, teachers and educators should be professional about it. Students need time for themselves, aside from focusing on homework. With moderate homework, teachers will succeed in motivating students to study.

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