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How to Survive a School with Tons of Homework?

There simply is no way around it – every person who attends school will have to deal with homework. There are special websites that can help students with their homework. HomeworkHelpDesk is one of them. Depending on your teacher and subject, the amount of homework you get each night will vary. But if you do find yourself receiving tons of assignments and are looking for effective ways to deal with the work and survive school, you should consider the following nine tips:


Keep an assignment journal

Keeping and maintain an assignment journal is a highly effective way of getting your work done on time each day of the week. Make it a habit to keep this journal with you at all times so that you can keep track of all your tasks and easily organize your notes.

Don’t overdo your assignment

This can be a real time killer. Have a look at your homework requirements and do no more than what is actually expected from you. This doesn’t mean that you should shoot for the bare minimum, just don’t waste time and energy trying to score extra points or credit by doing more.


Start with the hardest assignment

Some people have said that it’s a good idea to start with small or simple tasks in order to build momentum. In this case, however, the opposite is true. You want to get the hardest assignment out of the way as soon as possible, leaving the easier tasks till the very end. If you are looking for a freelance job, check out

Study on some other night

You read this correctly. While this piece of advice may seem counterproductive you have realize that you are simply trying to survive. Don’t spend time on school nights studying when you should be completing that actual work that has been assigned. Save the studying for the weekends.

Get started early each night

You should get into the habit of getting started as soon as you get home each day. You can work for an hour or two before dinner, which acts as a sort of break, then return to work to complete whatever you still need. If you do this regularly, you’ll find a lot more free time opens up later in the evening.

If possible, start at school

Time spent in between classes, after lunch, during free periods, etc. doing your work can shave off a lot of time you will have to spend each evening. This will make your nightly routine a lot easier and can help prevent a lot of the stress that can gradually build up each week.

Don’t ever procrastinate

This is something you’ve probably heard before, but it’s one of the most important tips and we aren’t going to avoid going over it again. Don’t wait until the last minute to get started on assignments. If you have a paper due on Friday, don’t wait until Thursday to write your first draft. Start your assignments the day you first learn about them.

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Use your class notes effectively

No matter what subjects you take at school, you should learn how to take excellent notes in class. Taking great notes as you work should improve your chances of retaining information, which means you should be able to get through the assignments with greater ease. Spend a few minutes before starting reviewing your notes to effectively prepare for the work ahead.

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  • Be sure to take regular breaks As you make a plan for tackling your assignments each evening, you should also plan several 10 or 15 minute breaks after each hour. It’s been proven several times over that our brains are wired to work optimally for only short periods of time. A mental break will help you refocus so that you can work more efficiently.

  • Set up an assignment schedule Don’t spend more time than you absolutely have to on any one assignment. For instance, if you know you will need to spend at least an hour on French and two hours on Math, don’t go over the one hour block of time working on your French homework. Even if you aren’t done you should allot appropriate times for each.

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