How To Reach A Broader Audience On Soundcloud

It is important that artists know the best ways to promote themselves and also avoid the problem of shortsightedness exhibited by those who are novices in promotional work. Many independent artists are building their careers totally around the fact that its possible to utilise the power of the internet in selling their tracks.

One very important promotional website for artists, bands, podcasters and creators of music and audio is Souncloud ( located at ). Originally created sounds can be uploaded, recorded directly, shared or promoted on soundcloud. The first step is usually to register a profile, then upload your best tracks. These of course are the easy steps. Becoming popular on soundcloud depends on the following;

- Followers.
- Likes.
- Plays.
- Downloads.

Seeing as social media marketing is a time consuming and painstaking task, it is easier to pay professionals to perform this task in an efficient and professional way.

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To reach a broader audience on soundcloud, do the following ;

- Make original, good quality music.
- Comment on other people’s music.
- Chat in the soundcloud posts.
- Follow other people who you like.
- Get a premium account.
- Put your tracks on all the groups that are related to your music genre.
- Do a remix of a well known artist and put it up for free download.
- Pay professional marketers for more plays, example